Space Sports

I wanted a ‘Free Game’ to look like it was a $20 download.

Space Sports was the first project I was involved in, with me being contracted to do Design and Marketing. I love Space, so it was very easy for me to come up with some awesome designs. From Logo designs for the games to making the game come alive for advertising, it was a dream come true to start working in the Gaming industry. To see my artwork featured in Times Square, New York… was also such an amazing feeling. With the Space Sports project I had force myself to improve my design skills on a daily basis, I wanted a ‘Free Game’ to look like it was a $20 download. With this mindset I tried to get involved with as much as I could, which would include concepting ideas for within the game. Another favourite element to the Social Media Marketing was putting the Alien Characters into real life situations for Instagram, huge fun for me weekly. Lastly, with UA design in the latter stages, I took it upon myself to start learning Maya 3D, I wanted to streamline the process of waiting for my Character poses from Hong Kong and truly create my vision for the marketing myself.

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