January 30, 2018 Easthouse

Old Splitty Beer Factory | Branding & Beer Label Design

It was easy to think of adventure, because I had already had an amazing one in a Safari years ago.

When Adrian got in touch with me about starting a new beer brand, I got extremely excited when he told me his idea was a beer brand that revolved around the iconic split window bus. Almost immediately I had memories streaming back to the adventure I had with Jo to Stellenbosch and back to Joburg nearly nine years ago already. What is it about these buses? Every time we see one we get this warm fuzzy feeling of Adventure and being Free-spirited, we almost dream that if we had one we would just pack up all of our belongings, hit the road, and never look back. Perhaps because I had one of these adventures it came easily to me what the brand should instil in the people who drink the beer.

  1. Having a lust for Adventure.
  2. Being Free-Spirited.
  3. Rewarding yourself for accomplishing these two with great tasting beer.

Even though Adrian had a name already, and we started off as Splitty Breworks, but I felt it was unpolished, the name was lacking something. After some consideration, I slipped OLD SPLITTY – BEER FACTORY into my logo presentation and Adrian loved it. Why change the Breworks? Well, to be honest, I dislike the word, it sounds great but no one really knows how to spell the fucking thing, is it one ‘W’ or two ‘WW’s? Personally, I think we came out tops with Beer Factory, definitely not many of those going around.

Some Of The Concepts


The Final Logo

The beer label was the next step we had to take, and Adrian knew he wanted to brew a Lager as his first release, he also knew that whatever the bus was it had to depict surfing. In all honesty, I must have spent quite a few hours trolling through Pinterest looking for Fleetliners, Splittys and Vintage Buses, and found that the Samba seemed to be the one that depicted surfing the most for me. When I started painting the bus, I put it in a beach scene, but I started noticing that me creating this scene was taking away from the bus because really the label is all about the bus right? I then realised that reflections was my win, reflections are on every vehicle and instead of painting around the bus, I was painting within the bus giving the bus it’s glory.

Lagers are great summer drinking beers, and like I have mentioned before the cold crashing always seems to give me the idea of blue, however, this time I did not want to go with what my brain was telling me… yet, I wanted to choose a cool summery colour and I managed to find this colour in an image of an original Samba bus. The final touch to the label was to give it a two-tone finish, this seemed to me to be the final tribute to the iconic bus with its classic two-tone finish.

The Final Product


As the Final part of the branding, we created the website. It’s always nice to finish off the project this way for me, by now we have built up everything we need the story, the imagery, the look and feel. It kind of becomes my portfolio on the entire project, and when finished I get to sit back and say “Shit, I reckon we delivered another great product!”


Thank You for your time if you made it here, I seriously appreciate all those that manage to get through my creative rant. If you have any feedback for us about the project please feel free to leave a comment on our Facebook Share.



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