November 30, 2016 Easthouse

Mandaryn | Label Design & Website


The Mandaryn Farm is nearly 120 years old now, and is steeped in history. The farm is filled with citrus orchards and continues to grow, however, one orchard has stood the test of time and stands testament to the age of the farm. This year Mandaryn is celebrating the 90th harvest of it’s Empress Naartjie Orchard, and with that the owner wanted to do a special label to go on the box. While chatting with the client he had never thought of having a website, I felt that it would be crucial to have the story behind the Orchard available to everyone who was interested. It was also a medium for Mandaryn to show off the farm a bit and have info about the farm to the public as they are official Woolworths suppliers of citrus.



I love the old stuff, and doing some typography from the 1920’s was just my type of thing. I really wanted to celebrate the era with something that would look as if it was straight out of the era, and I really think I managed to do it. The client was most impressed as I think he did not expect final artwork to be so grandeur. The final touch was the barcode that would allow people to view the info page on the website, and I owe that to the client. Finally, there were a few extras that needed to be done like English & Afrikaans posters as well as signage for the Fruit Market.




The website was a team effort as I did the development and Tracy did all the Photography, we managed to create all the content needed for the client. For the history section I was given some very old photos of which I managed to clean up really nicely for them. One thing I did enjoy and implement was the 360 degree viewer into the website, and on an iPad it works spectacularly. Go visit the site with the link below.