December 15, 2016 Easthouse

Fifth Wave Coffee Experience


I love a good cup of Java, and living in Jeffreys Bay there are a few good cheap spots to get a take away cappuccino before hitting the beach with the dogs. I met Amo when he sorted me out with an outstanding cup of coffee, and an interesting chat. Amo has been for a few months now been putting together things to open up his own shop, and needed some design help. Looking forward to working more with Amo in the future.


I had a vision for the logo, and Amo being an artist drew a few up but the simplicity was just not there. I really wanted something that would look good as a stamp, like something you could ink stamp on all the coffee cups as so on. We kept on creating stuff from the side, and the shape was really throwing me off… until one day I was sitting and leaned over to pick up a cappuccino he had made for me at home, and there it was in plain site. The logo had to be a top view, and the waves were the latte art… sometimes you just need to have a different perspective and what you looking for will present itself.