November 2, 2017 Easthouse

Brew Keg & Tap | Logo Design


A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by Darren from Brew Keg Tap. As with most start-ups, there is very little capital towards the branding of their idea because of stock purchases, or perhaps they have wasted some money on some design stuff before they find me. Obviously, we prefer to do a full branding, but it never always works out like that. Darren was in need of a logo design, and I was more than happy to give him a vision of what his brand could be. Why do I say ‘vision’ though? The reason I say vision is because a good logo design stamps it home that what they are doing is real, it gives the person excitement for the path they are on.

Brew Keg Tap is a supplier of Brewing and Kegging equipment, and Darren has an online store that items from brewing pots to mahogany beer tap handles. Darren envisioned something retro, something vintage. I knew it would not be easy placing all the elements of Brewing, Kegging and Tapping into a logo, I was actually even struggling with all that text. The name has so much to say. It eventually came to me a shield could once again be the answer. It’s never my go-to design element, but, yes, it does work out sometimes. And, well, it makes it official, makes it almost a stamp of approval.

There were several ideas I had come up with but these two were my favourite, the hand script was something I was against in the beginning even though Darren had suggested it in his answers to the questionnaire. Reason being I thought it might be a bit hard to read or do once he had done his design with the CMT stuff he wanted to do.


However, I knew that any logo I did with all that text would be a bit of a struggle, but, stuff like this always comes together with a little insignia.


I preferred the script idea, I loved it too, but was leaning toward the one with the shield. This happens though in the revision series, and we decided to use the shield with the script and that was it, there it was.

The colour palette in the questionnaire was a little all over the place, but Darren found a shirt in Mauritius that had colours that really appealed to him. From here it was just applying this palette and add some final touches to give us the final result.

Here is the final result of the Logo and Insignia.

By now it’s obvious I enjoy working with the beer industry, and I am finding that the beer industry is finding me. That makes me seriously happy, it becomes a mindset and I hope that creatives out there are doing the same thing. I do what I do because I love it, there is no use being what you want to be and not love waking up every morning wanting to get behind your desk.