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Dirty Laundry


Once again well known South African deep house DJ Thulani the Warrior has put trust in me to put an image together for his parties. When I received the message from him informing me of the party name it was just not sticking well with me, I felt Laundry had to say more. I had already been playing with the idea of a laundromat, and when the idea of those rogue pieces of laundry that get left behind at laundromats came to me, it had to be Dirty Laundry. Thulani loved the idea.



Shaolin’s (Character from The Get Down) Dirty Drawers

Deepstiched Nights


Deepstitched Nights is celebrating a year of parties that started in February 2016, here is a view of the posters I compiled for Thulani over the past year.






Fifth Wave Coffee Experience


I love a good cup of Java, and living in Jeffreys Bay there are a few good cheap spots to get a take away cappuccino before hitting the beach with the dogs. I met Amo when he sorted me out with an outstanding cup of coffee, and an interesting chat. Amo has been for a few months now been putting together things to open up his own shop, and needed some design help. Looking forward to working more with Amo in the future.


I had a vision for the logo, and Amo being an artist drew a few up but the simplicity was just not there. I really wanted something that would look good as a stamp, like something you could ink stamp on all the coffee cups as so on. We kept on creating stuff from the side, and the shape was really throwing me off… until one day I was sitting and leaned over to pick up a cappuccino he had made for me at home, and there it was in plain site. The logo had to be a top view, and the waves were the latte art… sometimes you just need to have a different perspective and what you looking for will present itself.






Mandaryn | Label Design & Website


The Mandaryn Farm is nearly 120 years old now, and is steeped in history. The farm is filled with citrus orchards and continues to grow, however, one orchard has stood the test of time and stands testament to the age of the farm. This year Mandaryn is celebrating the 90th harvest of it’s Empress Naartjie Orchard, and with that the owner wanted to do a special label to go on the box. While chatting with the client he had never thought of having a website, I felt that it would be crucial to have the story behind the Orchard available to everyone who was interested. It was also a medium for Mandaryn to show off the farm a bit and have info about the farm to the public as they are official Woolworths suppliers of citrus.



I love the old stuff, and doing some typography from the 1920’s was just my type of thing. I really wanted to celebrate the era with something that would look as if it was straight out of the era, and I really think I managed to do it. The client was most impressed as I think he did not expect final artwork to be so grandeur. The final touch was the barcode that would allow people to view the info page on the website, and I owe that to the client. Finally, there were a few extras that needed to be done like English & Afrikaans posters as well as signage for the Fruit Market.




The website was a team effort as I did the development and Tracy did all the Photography, we managed to create all the content needed for the client. For the history section I was given some very old photos of which I managed to clean up really nicely for them. One thing I did enjoy and implement was the 360 degree viewer into the website, and on an iPad it works spectacularly. Go visit the site with the link below.




Star Wars – Imperial Assault MOD for ARMA3

I got involved with this Pro Bono, I wanted to help the lads create a better overall look and giving the MOD a more professional feel. Knowing that there could be a C&D from Disney, I at least wanted them to see that the MOD was taking the brand seriously. Even though it was a short spell I was able to help the guys improve the overall identity of the brand, until the Project Owner Chris decided that we were starting to tread on very thin ice and canned the MOD.









Watch some video compiling and editing I did for YouTube SITREPs


Mountain Brewing Co. | Copper Dawn

Spring Day 2015 we released a new member to our official MBco range of tasty craft brews, we welcomed in ‘Copper Dawn’ Lager.

Another Label design this time I painted the view from Klipbokkop, and double it up with a Sunrise Time Lapse which worked out perfectly on the last day I was there.

Taste Summer Video



Mountain Brewing Company


Over the past two years I have grown a true fondness for Craft Beer, since tasting my first Craft brew I have hardly enjoyed any of the local South African beers. One thing I have always found inspiring about craft beer is the labels and branding, craft has always been far more creative than the mass produced beers. I was first asked by Crystal Park to design a label back in November 2013, and have since done 3 labels for the band’s brews.

December 2014 I was contacted by PG Groenewald a brewer from Woecester in the Cape, who wanted to start building up the face of the brand, Mountain Brewing Company.


Logo design



When I start any project, I was think of where or how the logo is portrayed. At that time my thoughts for the logo were focused on the neck of a beer bottle, so the shape would be triangular which in turn worked out great form the peak of the Mountains to the shape at the bottom of the Logo. Overall the design of the typography is very much the style I enjoy, the old classic rustic look that any American Picker would pay top dollar for, if they saw the rusted sign in a barn somewhere in the Mid-West.





After the logo, it seemed the right thing to carry on and produce an emblem. This in my eyes is what will eventually become the brand’s stamp on the consumer’s eyes, because this is what every consumer will see when opening a bottle… the top of the beer cap. The original emblem was black but once my brain started crafting around this, I decided it had to be red. It came to me when selecting some crafts from a fridge, and seeing that not one brand in South Africa had a cap that said “Look at me!”. All of them were either Brass or Black, they were not competing against one another… now there will be some eye candy amongst the average in store fridges.



Loadshed Lager



Loadshed Lager was the original, it’s the first label. PG and I had discussed several beers, and agreed that a Lager was essential for the South African market. South Africans love Lagers, can you remember how upset a nation was when they lost their Lion Lager? During this time of creative brainstorms, South Africa was facing serious energy problems… South Africa was facing Loadshedding every single day. PG clicked, it has to be Loadshed Lager. It is so perfect, and so typically South African to find humour in whatever lemons our country throws at us. So Loadshed Lager was born. However, Loadshedding has two meanings for PG. Not only a good laugh at South Africa’s power situation, but also shedding a stressful day with a great beer.

From here the real work began, because from the brand to the label I had to start planning the Look and feel of this brand. I felt that when I think of craft Beer, I think hand crafted… not taking away that there is no craft in mass produced beer. Think of the Garage brewer, it’s a very hands on thing brewing beer. This is where I decided, the look must feel hand crafted. This is all portrayed in the label, from the hand drawn line textures and water colour painted candle. The typography all has the feel of being hand crafted.

The Iconic candle has various meanings, the foremost being that South African homes are lit by candles when the electricity is out. I really wanted the candle to have that warmth, and you can feel it from the colours. Even though the candle is painted, I wanted it to feel it was alive and a slight flicker on the flame gives it some motion and realism.


MBco Branding Feel and a Generic Label


From Loadshed it was easy for me to evolve the entire branding, from elements created for the label. Hand drawn lines, and a favourite was to begin drawing up various banners. The first being something I have had in my head for ages, and something I have begun to live by… “Always Share Great Tasting Beer”.




When PG told me he needed a generic label because he wanted to brew different beers, then get the public to taste and give their input into what will be the next label of brew. ‘Sharing’ was the word that encapsulated the Generic brews, and what the brand should be about. ‘Share the Taste’ ‘Always share great tasting beer’, it is something anyone who starts the adventure of Craft Beer can easily be part of, I have just had an amazing beer, why not share it with my friends and acquaintances.


Final words



In a discussion with Sean, a gentleman who is very much involved with setting up brewers around the country. He said “Once a client has a label, he starts to believe in what he is doing”, such true words. True to those words I even gained a great belief in this project after the first label, and the creativity on the project as a whole became easier.

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