Welcome To Easthouse

Welcome to Easthouse Creative, Home of Creatives.

We are Craig and Tracy, a collaborative couple who offer a variety of services to creative individuals and businesses by tailoring and creating cohesive Visual Brand Identities.

We help you, the Creative Entrepreneur, build an online presence that is clean and professional and reflects who you are as an individual.


So you’re an Artisanal or Creative Entrepreneur… you’re a photographer, a Brewer, a Barber or a fantastic artist. Maybe you’re a crafter of amazing jewellery or words for your blog. A Fashion Designer or even a chef who owns a food truck. In a nutshell, you’re a creative!

So Creative, We have a Quick Question for you…

Have you got a great business Idea but you’re overwhelmed and don’t know where to start to get it off the ground?

You know you need a logo, a Website and a Social Media presence but when it comes to execution, you get stuck?

Maybe you had a logo or website designed for you and it just doesn’t reflect who you are or how you see your business today?

Or have you been in business a while and feel like you’ve grown out of your current Brand Identity.

As you grow in business it’s important for your Businesses and Brand to grow with you.

 Do you feel like all your competitors are ahead in the game when it comes to their great branding, professional websites and consistent Social Media presence?

You have great ideas and you are passionate about your business idea but you need someone to help you get out of your mind and into action!

Someone to help bring your vision to life.

You don’t see yourself having to find multiple experts in every field to get the job done.

 Brand Strategist. Graphic Designer. Web Designer. Copywriter. Photographer. SEO specialist. Social Media strategist… and… and… and… the list goes on and so do the costs!

You’d like the convenience of working with one team to work on the entire process/project with you from beginning to end.

 How relieved would you feel knowing that…

…You finally have an awesome creative team working on developing your dream branding for your entrepreneurial business.

…You have an experienced Web design team creating a clean, professional and responsive website for you.

…You are no longer confused about Social Media Content creation and what to post and how to be visible online.

…You finally have a roadmap on how to get your business from just an idea to bringing in clients or making sales online.

That’s a lot to take off your plate!

Imagine taking all that energy you have been spending thinking about it and spend that time doing the things that you love.

Once these things have been taken care of you will not only have peace of mind but you can rest assured that your ideas will soon come to life.

You can start putting your Business plans into action and building the life and business you have been dreaming of.

Let’s Do this! No more excuses!

 You can finally have the Online Presence you’ve been dreaming of.

Work with a small team that is as passionate about you succeeding in business as you are.

A team that only takes on a few clients at a time to ensure all energy and focus goes into you and your business.

You will have a branding to be proud of.

You will have the social media knowledge

You will have a website / online store with the know-how of maintaining it.

You will have a plan, understanding and clear message.

“Who could this amazing team be?” Well, we’re glad you asked!

Craig and Tracy are a couple that loves to create and a couple of creatives! 

We are passionate about bringing Brand Visions to life or tailoring existing Brands till they are made to fit.

We thrive on coffee, Brainstorming sessions and Good Design.

Easthouse originally started out as a Freelance Graphic Design company over 7 years ago and since then has grown into what is now a fully independent and Global Design, Branding, Social Media Management and Photography Studio.

We started out the bustling City of Johannesburg and have since then migrated to the small sea-side town of Jeffrey’s Bay, South Africa, where the creativity cup overflows.

Craig covers all aspects of the Design and Web Development as well as Branding Ideation, and Tracy is your Social Media, Content and Branding Strategist. Together we are a creative team that brings your branding ideas to life.

We like to look at ourselves as Tailors where we either take your measurements and Design a Brand that fits you just right or altering already made Brands to feel more custom-made.

We are passionate about what we do and we like to collaborate with creative entrepreneurs who have a vision for their Business or help you reignite the passion for your Brand.

Our Offer

Branding – Logo & Brand Identity

Collaborating with you to bring your Brand Idea to life OR guiding you through our process to help you determine how your brand can reflect you as a Creative Professional.

Social Media Consultation

We will do a Social Media Audit of your current Social Media profiles or help you create them if you have not already. We will discover or set your Social Media Goals and help you with content ideas and a Strategy to help you achieve your goals.

Social Media Package – Social Media Starter Pack with 30 Days Content

A Branded Social Media Content package to get you started with your new look online. (Max 2 mediums)

One Pager Website / E-commerce site (Max 10 Products)

You will have a clean and professional website/store that reflects your awesome new Brand. It becomes your portfolio of the amazing things that you have to offer the world! You will also receive access to “how to” videos enabling you to manage your Website successfully on your own.

What Will You Get At The End Of The Project?

– Corporate Identity Guide-

-Logo and Branding Package in various file formats-

-Social Media Strategy Worksheet-

-Social Media Content Planner & Instagram Feed Planner-

-30 Branded Social Media Posts from your supplied content. With PSD work templates-

-Access to Website Knowledge Videos-

PRICE: $2500.00

Contact us below for more info on our ‘Six Weeks To Online Success’ process, and more in-depth look at our offer.


Latest Work

Being able to create freely has inspired us to create some outstanding design work and branding, have a look at some of our recent work below!

Mandaryn | Label Design & Website
Kalahari Craft Beer
The Italian Job Brewery | Le Grande Cinque


Over 70% of people are viewing websites via their Mobile devices. It has become highly important for your website to be Responsive, we ensure that all the websites we develop look great across all platforms.

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